when someone’s so attractive you want to fuck their brains out in the craziest way imaginable but they’re also rly nice and interesting and you wanna give their heart lil kisses and read books with them and cook breakfast for them in the morning


All I want in life is to get married to someone who will make stupid political and historical jokes with me for the foreseeable half century.


Art Meme | Oscar-Claude Monet - Lilac Irises

Monet began this work of art in 1914 and finished in 1917. The artist painted irises throughout his career because the iris was one of his favorite flowers. Lilac Irises is one of the last examples of his collection of irises. Monet wanted to document the French countryside in which he lived and to do so, he adopted a method of painting the same scene many times in order to capture the changing of light and the passing of the seasons. [x]


Do not picture your OTP having a kid and losing said kid in a ball pit.

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The Changingman | Annie & Christine Teen AU 







"Bullshit. Three months is a long time and you know it." Three months makes Annie feel like she’s suffocating, and not because her scarf was so tightly wound. "Which way are we going again?" Annie steps up on pavement, slightly iced, but nothing alarming. "It’s been a while."

Christine’s breath is visible as she sighs, but the frost does not bite her lungs as it usually would. A warm evening, all things considering. “Next left, and then a few blocks before we’re there. It’s not too far.” She sticks her hands in her pockets. “Three months isn’t that long. At least, it doesn’t feel like it.”

"I guess what’s what happens when you really like someone? You know, what all those movies about old people loving each other and shit? Like it wasn’t long enough or something." That all depends on Annie’s perception anyways. She can’t picture herself being attached to some asshole that long, or at least someone she didn’t love. "Has Claire met her yet?"

"Yeah, a few times. Mum likes her a lot. I didn’t expect her to be so happy for me. I don’t know why; I should have." Christine shrugs and throws herself off balance with the movement, slipping on the half-iced road. She catches herself just in time as her arms fly out, almost hitting Annie in the face. "Aw, shite."

Annie snorts a bit before she herself slips a bit, standing still for a moment .”We should probably walk a bit slower over here.” She quickly skips over the slippery patch of ice and hops to a mound of dry, yellow grass, blue in leftover light that tries to catch up with the Sun’s descent. “Wow, your girl met her already after 3 months? I only met your mom a year after I started working with you and you didn’t even like me then.” Annie throws her a sly look, definitely doubting Chris’ casual tone about the whole thing.

"Yeah, let’s compare one of my best friends to my girlfriend, why don’t we?" Christine says dryly. She flutters her eyelashes. "Why, Annie, I had no idea you thought of me this way. Alas, I’m a taken woman." She sighs mournfully, bringing her hand to her forehead to battle imaginary despair.

"Oh please, don’t even try to play this off as some casual shit, have you ever taken your previous girlfriends to your mom sooner than 3 months?” Annie huffs, determined to expose this for the situation is really is: absolute love, or whatever movies say true love is. “Grade school doesn’t count.” She skips over a patch of ice, before turning left on the corner of a buzzing intersection.




My roommate and his girlfriend got in the shower together and they’re… Talking about politics?

I was expecting to hear “OH GOD, HARDER,” not “George Washington was entirely correct in his prediction of what distinct parties would do to politics as a whole.”

Nope nevermind, there it is, apparently political debate is just their form of foreplay


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